Cool People reading to kids

Levar Burton
subject to copyright

Remember being read to by people on TV? If you’re from my generation, nothing can bring that back more than Levar Burton and Reading Rainbow (oh yes, this link will play the intro theme song. YOU’RE WELCOME!).  I remember the anticipation, wondering what book he would feature. Nowadays, these kinds of experiences are on demand. However, there’s just so much content online. I’ve done some mining for the good stuff.


A woman astronaut reading Rosie Revere, Engineer from space? Yes, please. Other astronauts reading other books here, too.

Betty White reading Harry, the Dirty Dog? and lesser known celebrities reading children’s books herebetty white. Who am I kidding? James Earl Jones reading To Be a Drum is just as cool. Amazing. Gotta love and take care of our old people.

The voice of Frozen 2’s Olaf (Josh Gad) is doing this on Twitter. Little guy just warms my heart.

You *might* be able to view this amazing Pre-K teacher in New Orleans, Jaime Regan, reading When Grandma Gives you a Lemon Tree. Not sure if this is public.

And while we are all in quarantine, trying to build those personal hygiene skills, let’s check in with Levar Burton again on Germs Make Me Sick.

I hope you enjoy this as much as your kids.


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